* Sunday, April 19, started our 5th week in not being able to have our weekly church activities because of covid-19.
 * Sunday, April 5, we started doing a facebook live service on Sunday mornings at 11 am;
   thanks to Jeff Casselberry for doing the camera work;
   thanks, too, to Joe Anderson and Bob Fralick for bringing special music for the services;
   we'll continue this on Sunday mornings until we're able to meet again here at our church facility.
 * because of covid-19 we have cancelled our Spring Revival which was to have been held April 26 - 29;
   hopefully, we'll be able to reschedule it as a Summer Revival later in the year.  
 * the Dexter Ministerial Alliance is making plans for the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 7;
   we'll do a One Call Now to let you know more specifics about it.
 * Mother's & Father's Day: we'll likely plan to observe both of these on June 21.
 * we'll be rescheduling our Vacation Bible School. It was to be held June 1 - 3;
   once we begin to have church activities again, we'll meet with our VBS workers to set a new date.    
 * our annual church picnic at West Park is planned for Sunday, June 7, at 4 pm.
Birthday & Anniversary Best Wishes!
 * May   2 - (B) Patrick Powell
 * May   8 - (B) Arlessa Russell
 * May 11 - (B) Jackson Gilbreath
 * May 15 - (A) Jeff & Debbie Snider & (B) Bob Lizenbee 
 * May 19 - (B) Joyce Battles
 * May 22 - (B) Sandra Jackson
 * May 23 - (B) Abiggail Jackson 
 * May 26 - (B) Lisa Reiffer
 * May 27 - (B) Natalie Lizenbee