This New Year!
     Our winter weather may have been rainy and cold, but we can be thankful we've not had any major ice or snowfall. We can also be thankful we have a warm place to gather every week as we come together for fellow-
ship, bible study, and worship.
     This new year our Sunday morning services have focused on "New Year's Resolutions God Wants to See Us Make." Those resolutions include (1) being faithful to continue following and serving the Lord,
                   (2) living as the new creations in Christ we have become;
         (3) continuing to grow in our knowledge and understanding of God's word. 
     in following up on the special emphasis we had on Church Revitalization the last part of 2019, our Sunday night services have been directed toward  "Growing as Disciples" with a special focus in January on Evangelism. Our prayer for 2020 is that the Lord would use us this year in seeing the unsaved come to faith in Christ, and develop into faithful and devoted disciples of Jesus!   
Enjoy the winter!
Pastor Lonny